I’m writing a book: De-Coding The Passion Project 📘

A very special announcement 🎉🎉

Inspired from this comment by , I’m gonna put together a short book on building successful side projects and making multiple passive income.

In the past six years I have started, and abandoned many projects. I gradually lose interest, because I’ve done it so many times before and don’t get paid for it.

Open source, freelance, art and lot more! Where do you even begin to learn what to build?

Building a product is much more than the ability to solve a problem. To build an amazing product you have to be aligned with your passion.

De-Coding The Passion Project is your one-stop shop to the ideating process. It gives you the insights and confidence you need to build your Passion Project.



  • Define — What is Passion Project
  • Plan — Finding and solving a problem
  • Develop — Building a sustainable business


  • People — Finding your audience
  • Product — Validating problem solution
  • Money — Making profit


  • Ship — When, where and how to ship
  • Audit — Measuring progress
  • Adapt — Pivot or preserve

Pre-order the Book 📘

Bonus 🎁 — use discount code dev10 for 10% discount!

There’s only 100 copies are for sale. If you want a free copy, please DM me. I’ll be happy to sent you a copy 💚

If you want a heads up on my next projects, or just want to chat about the web, make sure to follow me on Twitter @liyasthomas 💙



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